söndag 11 september 2016

Album Together. Places for 350 photos, 20 tags for journaling, 20 booklets, 7 waterfalls

Now I would like to share with You my Album ”Together”, that I made in white and black tones :-)

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You can see slide show here  https://youtu.be/TBImyPmS7ws 

To order the album, please contact me by e-mail gelana.savo@gmail.com

This Albums size is 19 cm x 20,5 cm x 7 cm. And it really  has a lot of spaces for photographs in full size and tags for journaling. 

350 photos in full size.

On 9 big tags You can place 22 photos or use them for journaling,

7 waterfalls with places for 123 photos,

11 mini tags for journaling,

20 little booklets with places for 146 photos inside...

What a great album!

Thank You for watching!
I hope You will enjoy it :-)
Kram ....
Yours Lana

To order the album, please contact me by email gelana.savo@gmail.com

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